Handbooks and References

Handbooks and reference guide covers all aspects of St.  Isidore’s CYO


As required and mandated by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, all volunteers and personnel who will be having contact with children MUST attend the SAFE ENVIROMENT WORKSHOP (http://www.virtus.org/virtus/) and have a completed CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK and CHILD ABUSE HISTORY CLEARANCE on file in the Parish Center.

You may register for the SAFE ENVIROMENT WORKSHOP (http://www.virtus.org/virtus/) online or call Ginny Alexander at 215-536-4389 for more assistance.

The REQUEST FOR CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK and PENNSYLVANIA CHILD ABUSE HISTORY CLEARANCE forms are available through the CYO REGISTRAR (cfraser@enter.net) and will require two non refundable $10.00 money orders payable to each state department.

The REQUEST FOR CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK  is submitted first, with one of the $10.00 Money Orders. When you receive the “No Record” response back from the state, make two photo copies. Send one with the PENNSYLVANIA CHILD ABUSE HISTORY CLEARANCE form, with the second $10.00 Money Order to the address on the form. Allow up to eight weeks for the clearance process to be completed. Submit the forms in advance on when you will need them. You will not be permitted to perform your duties involving children without them.

When you receive the CLEARANCE form back, make two photo copies, and keep the original. Please send or deliver a copy of  the Criminal  Record Check and the Child Abuse History Clearance to Ginny Alexander in the Parish Center for her to update her files. Please include a note explaining the need for the clearance, for example CYO Coach.

Please contact the Registrar (cfraser@enter.net) for access to the forms or with any questions you may have.